13 March 2017 | 2 min read

Alibaba Cloud 101 Training - UniMy

Apsara Stack on Alibaba Cloud

Hello there! On 13 March 2017, I attend Alibaba Cloud 101 Training handled by UniMy (University Malaysia). This is a new private university located at Putrajaya, Malaysia. You can check google map as a guide to come here.

Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of global cloud computing services, they are called as “Aliyun”. I learned a lot about the infrastructure technology of Alibaba Cloud, this platform are called as “Apsara Stack”. My instructor Mr V.Sabith (from India) said this is a build from scratch then acquired by Alibaba company. I google-fu around, there is not much information available regrading the stack.

Mr V.Sabith introduce us with the cloud computing services from Alibaba. He also share about fundamental cloud services such ECS, RDS, SLB and OSS. Alibaba certification

I learned new thing about cloud best practices with backup / snapshot, security rules, RAM and EIP. But unlucky, most of all unable to do the hands on workshop because they don’t provide the access instead we need to register ourself and insert credit card information details..mehhh.

Most of the participant are from undergraduate, postgraduate, industry workers and government IT Officer.

Here I would like to thanks Mr.Mohd Ridzuan Ahmad for inviting me to this training. I also manage to share, a few thing regrading HA, cluster computing and big data with others. BTW the sandwich which provided during break are so delicious..yummy :)

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