19 May 2017 | 4 min read

Farewell Hexa Cooperation ッ

On 30 April 2017, I officially resign from my position as the Project Manager of Hexa Cooperation Sdn Bhd (Hexa).

It was never an easy decision to make. Letting go a child that you have raised for so long, with so many time and effort that I collectively put in, is something that I will never trade especially at our current state. But decision has been made. Moving on is the only thing that I will do from now on.

Hexa CooperationWe Build. We Create. We Share

It was a very enjoyable ride. It was most awesome experience getting involved with digital advertising, project management, B2C, B2B and meeting with legendary names within the industry and of course my first time involvement with HA. I never thought that it was possible when I first started back then!

I treasure every single obstacle that we have managed to break through. The little ups and downs are truly something worth sharing with others later on.

I’m hope that your all always keep learning from every side and always FOCUS!

Hexa CooperationHexa Family

With this, I would like to thank fellow team members of Hexa Cooperation and Hexatology Network (IkedaiKami) for the long nights and faith you have put in. To jump onto a ship full of uncertainty, there’s nothing I would ask for more and also, I would like to thank our managing director / CEO for entrusting me your faith to carry out the the task in the first place. It was never my intention to choose such ending.

To my CTO (Mr. Fakhru Razi) which I consider as mentor, I appreciate the amount of time and effort you have put in to guide and help me along the journey.

To my COO (Mr. Fakhrul Iswandi) thanks for inviting me. You passion since 2012 want me to join the team was something to me. Somehow, I get “caught” by you and joined on 2016. Without you invitation, I maybe don’t have chance to meet awesome person here.

To my CEO (Mr. Johar Ahmad), thank you for understand my decision and said that your are appreciate what I done so far to reach this new level. It was something for me and touched my feeling.

To interns especially Mr. Ammar Munajaf, thank for helping me and I pray for your success. To Mrs. Syafika Harsad, thank for you assistant, I really appreciate it. To new programmer Hannan, Annuary and Hasmira, I am sorry not be here, I shared as much i can with you. Don’t worry to learn new thing, Iman Syafie quote :

“If you can’t stand the fatigue of study, you will feel the poignant of stupidity”.

Keep learning and give contribution back to our employer. To Miss Syafika Edora, our UI/UX please keep smiling. To Mr. Haizad, keep rock bro! Also not forgotten Mr Azhany, our coder ninja whom left the company earlier to pursue his dream building his own company, goodluck with your startup. To others that I not mention here, Thank for everything.

Lynk.my v4Lynk.my version 4 - Interstitial page

I am still hoping lynk.my and ikedaikami will someday reach that peak that we have been working hard for especially on Lynk.my version 4. It may take up some time for you. Remember to always be patience. I wish the best for Lynk.my. Keep paddling! You will eventually reach there someday.

I have no intention of elaborating my reasons any further. Since no one ask me. It’s just that.

Please accept my sincere apologies for the mistake. Please halal the food and drink. If I have any left unpaid bills or debt please inform me. If you need me, just contact me, Insya-Allah :)

Thank for everything. We will definitely meet back one day.

Robbi Nespu | Personal

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