28 May 2017 | 3 min read

Tough life as developer

Tech nowadays are evolve very fast for better future. Most of newbie expose to a whole heck of stuff that you didn’t know existed in the first place. Have you heard and know about Docker, Composer, JIRA, Gradle, SaaS, Docker, Continues Integration, Elastic Search, LDAP, Cluster, Framework, MVC, Business Intelligent? The list goes on.

Don’t be afraid to explore and learn new thing. Some of us are too shy to ask and learn.. you are getting overwhelmed. Brace yourself, take a step forward. There are so many utilities and standard tools that you don’t hear about on college. Even myself during my bachelor degree studies never learn about CI/CD or how to debug a ANT project.

There’s lot of different in skill that we learned on college compare real business project development to become a competent developer but your not alone. Almost every junior feels the same way.


Embrace the feeling of inadequacy. Use you passion to learn everything you can. Do your due diligence first, when problem comes try to fix it yourself and when you are stuck more than half an hour, ask others developer around you. They’ve sat on you seat before and quite happy to share knowledge with you.

“Focus on depth rather than breadth”

To be a competent developer, I assume that I’d have to learn everything about software delivery process. Keep practice and exercise because you will gaining general understanding of what it did, stop wasting you working time with something unrelated to work.

Just because the senior developer in your team is full stack, doesn’t mean you need to be..yet. Build on the skill you most needed right now, secure the depth of knowledge then flesh it out from there.

Comparing yourself with others such as “I wish I was as good as X, they know every f** thing!” It unfair comparison but a necessary one. They’ve most likely been in the industry for several years and this is your first time. After years of blood, sweat and tears you will become the same level like them too. Having role models and people to aspire is a good thing. Surround yourself with this people to learn! Approach one of these people and secure them as mentor. It’s easier said than done but you will surprise how many intermediate and senior developer are happy to have a protege that they think worth their time!

Stay focused, work on thing that you needed most and just give some time to yourself :)

Robbi Nespu | Motivation, Personal

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