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BarCamp Iskandar Puteri 2017

BarCamp Iskandar Puteri, Johor 2017

Have you heard or joined any barcamp? Few days ago or more precisely on 22 July 2017, I attend my first barcamp called BarCamp Iskandar Puteri 2017 and it was awesome!

Do you know what is barCamp? Are we going to bar and camping there?

“BarCamp is an open-platform conference where we allow people from all walks of life to share their ideas, skills and so forth. We always push the idea that a conference should not always be formal and you don’t get to say a word unless you are asking a question. It can be casual where everyone is comfortable and there is an open environment that allows the audience and the speakers to communicate, exchanging the knowledge and experience with each others.” - Source : www.barcampjb.com

Few weeks ago (before event), I saw someone posted about this programme on Telegram group. I wondering what is that(?), I checked the details on peatix and StartupJB facebook group, it really bothering and catch my attention. Since I just back from Austria and has free time on that weekend, I decide to join this event. Lets get new friend and information about startup journey.

On that day, weather are so nice and sunny. I depart from Kluang at 7.30 AM and reach Medini Mall at 8.30 AM. It too early, I has few minutes to take a look around. I has been informed that registration will be started 9.00 AM sharp, so I rush back to registration booth but a pretty chinese gals said they not ready yet and still do some setup. But they allow me to grab Nasi Lemak Ayam for breakfast while waiting.. yummy, I was hungry that time too. I made few friend while waiting for registration.

Feng lim from StartupJBFeng lim briefing what is BarCamp and welcoming us

After registration, (I received my early bird T-shirt,yey) it time for briefing & voting of topics. There will be 3 simultaneous tracks. Each session will be roughly 45 minutes long.

BarCampIP 2017 track session

I started my adventureous morning track from Cradle (Aisyah Aljuned & Diyana Kamarudin) on “Rocking the startup scenes in Malaysia and pitching tips”. Getting great input there, I learned about how to get pre-seed, seed and startup to growth funds. I learned what eligibility criteria to get fund and what investor focus on. There, I found a guy who want to create own startup soon. Good luck bro! :)

Later, I should listen to “Startup and milenials” talk but the room getting hot and projector still not ready. Plus the person who should give the talk are missing. After waited 10 minutes, I move to another track.

Oko DavaasurenOko Davaasuren explain how big company design thinking to cracking some problem

Let listen a talk from someone worth to be called techstart, Oko Davaasuren from Mongolia. He talk about “Design Thinking”. A nice topic for someone like me who has unique way of think. Later we had talk session of “Job to be done” with another 2 speaker (Sorry, I don’t know his name but I get great input, thanks!).

Job to be doneJob to be done - He answer some question from participant and explaining in every details

Later, I grab a lunch so I missed session slot that time but I meet Azwad Abid from Bangladesh and study his bachelor at UTM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) and his cousin from Canada. He added me on his linkedIN contact. I learn a few thing about the food,season and education at Bangladesh from him. After Zohor pray, I rushed to listen “My Hermo story” from it founder Ian Chua. The session curated by Feng Lim, it was good sharing session. Make me wanna to start my own startup or join someone else startup.

Ian Chua share his adventure with HermoIan Chua share his adventure with Hermo

When building a startup, it very critical to build a crew. I attend another session about “Tips on how to building a great team” by Ben.

Tips on how to building a great team

Is very important not to be stubborn and selfish. Teamwork concept are very important. We need person with vision to build a respective business. Skillset and adaption for long term are important too.

To be a great leader, you need to be a good follower - Ben

Always make sure you team are meet the objective and the most important key when hiring are Hire right people for right job. Yeah, totally agreed!

My last session are with Ganesh Kumar Bangah, a talk about his MOL journey.

Ganesh Kumar BangahMy MOL journey

The is another last session, which is BarCamp JB tradition routine called “Powerpoint karaoke” but I need meet my friend at Gelang Patah, so I not joining the last part. Ughh, that is good for wrap Up & networking with others, missed that!. Before I left, I meet few people (Shah and Sallahudin) from JomWeb Johor. There is also some other JomWeb guys during the session but I was busy with myself within the crowd.

Startup JohorStartup Johor

Lastly, I would like to thanks to organizer, speakers and sponsor during event. Thank you so much for sticker, meals and another free extra t-shirt. See you later!

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