12 January 2018 | 2 min read

Remove audio noise from video using audacity and avidemux

Audio noice

I always forgot how to setup the best mixer setting for sound card input and how to remove noise from video screen capture. So I made this post as my personal note how to remove audio noise from video. Please note that I am using linux Fedora 27.

First of all, I need to setup sound card via alsamixer. Press F6 to select sound card (HDA Intel PCH) and press F4 to just show mixer for audio recording. Set as image below:


This is most optimize mixer to capture audio but after all we still had a little noise.

Record some audio or video using what ever application (SimpleScreenRecorder is my favourite application to record my desktop), save it and load into Audacity. If you don’t have it yet, please install Audacity from RPMfusion repository:

$ sudo dnf install audacity-freeworld

AudacitySelecting audio sample for noise reduction profile

The peek view above are example of selecting some sample of audio with noise and use as profile from noise reduction effect.

After that, select all audio track and re-apply noise reduction effect. Later, you can use amplify effect and apply noise reduction effect again until you are satistied with the audio. Normally, a single step should be enough.

When you are done, export our audio as mp3 format file and save it.

Open Avidemux application, load previously video with noise audio. Then click menu audio > select track. Select previously mp3 file we export from Audacity.

AvidemuxLoad audio file (previously we export from Audacity) into Avidemux

We almost finish, just click save video and avidemux will render new video for you without audio noise, yeah our mission are completed!

Robbi Nespu | Fedora, Linux

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