02 November 2018 | 3 min read

IBMs acquisition of Red Hat

The $34 billion deal, now what will happen to Fedora and Centos?

For those that haven’t been paying attention, IBM announced on Sunday (28-10-2018) that it will pay $34 billion to acquire Red Hat and the deal is on pace to close in the second half of 2019.

Many were shocked by the news as I see lot of discussion regrading this kind of thing on Fedora user mailing list, IRC channels, Reddit and etc.

Lot of people from Fedora and Centos communities are throwing all kind of comments, thoughts, reaction and response. Everyone are curious what happen next especially on RHEL, Fedora and Centos. Plus, Java developers also wondering what kinds of changes are coming to the Java ecosystem too.

BTW, I think Oracle has to hate this deal because Oracle’s Linux (the kernel part) is based on Red Hat.

The news are wildly spread on Fedora 30 released date and few days later, Red Hat 7.6 Beta are released. Are this is the last and final version of Fedora and RHEL released? Red Hat, Fedora and Centos are great things but there are alternatives out there such as SLES / OpenSuse or jump to Debian, Arch, BSD or other distribution if you worry to much about that. Seem many people are worried if IBM will WRECK Red Hat!

Since Oracle’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems, Oracle has eliminated multiple products that were formerly competitive products (from Sun Microsystem). Are this kind of style will happen again to Red Hat product? Who know..I just hopping IBM will get rid AIX, because I don’t like it ( from my experience with AIX 7, this OS are lack of package and so weird compare to major linux distribution. But the perfomance are damm good!)

AFAIK, Red Hat have lot of awesome thing under his hats such as support, virtualization solutions, training, cloud and more. Yeah, now IBM will be getting money on their business after acquisition.

Dont make bad decisionfrom http://dilbert.com/strip/1994-04-30

last not least, please don’t rebrand Fedora and Centos to other weird name such Blue Hat, Purple Hat, Grey Hat or else. It will be bad, from my opinion.

There is lot of gossip but I hope they (IBM’s) don’t screw it up and wish the best to take care everything from Red Hat services and products,

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