WannaCry / WannaDecrypt0r ransomware

WannaCry / WannaDecrypt0r ransomware program targeting Microsoft Windows users. It already infecting more than 230,000 computers in 150 countries, demanding ransom payments in the cryptocurrency bitcoin. Watch out guys!

Have your heard the hottest infosec headline this week? It all about ransomware called WannaCrypt or WanaCrypt0r aka WCRY. It appears to be taking advantage of a recently disclosed Microsoft vulnerability (MS17-010 – “Eternalblue”) associated with the Shadow Brokers tools release. Windows user strongly encouraged to ensure that pull updates of the latest patches applied to operating systems – especially #MS17-010

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Trick to obfuscate email with PHP

Now, it is an era of information. Personal details such name, email etc are so valuable and some coder create they own scraping tool to collect thus data. When we placed email address on website, you may experience spam issues, this because spammer bots havest your email address.

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Assalamualaikum wbt and greeting everyone! It has been a while, I setup this Jekyll long time ago to play around with static site and Ruby language. I need to start cleaning up the cobwebs here and start writing awesome articles.

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